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After working for many years in the field of Education and being more familiar with the education industry we have concluded to start up consultancy and PEMC is formed with the aim of facilitating the Nepalese students to find better universities and colleges for their future Career around the globe. PEMC today represents various colleges, institutes and universities of different countries around the globe it facilitates students to enhance their academic qualifications.
PEMC Team Consists of Highly experienced and well educated people who understand and provide most comprehensive information to students, parents and professionals right across the world. We recognized that there is lot of confusion about to get right education program in the right place and we want to make easier for people to find what they needed. PEMC provides students the right kind of programs and courses in proper institution as well as it helps to get scholarship, fellowship and grants opportunities. Our organization is there to help people take control of their education, develop their skills and ultimately create the life that they want to lead. 
It also organize standard test like IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, SAT, GMAT as well as other kind of language trainings.

Professional Education & Migration Consulting Pvt. Ltd is The Right Guide for Better Prospects for all the international education needs ranging from decision making to arriving in the country of the choice. Professional Education & Migration Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has the belief of educating people through international education. We are one of the leading international student recruitment companies in Nepal. We assist international institutes in student recruitment, Market research, institutional Tie ups and exploring new business opportunities. We are providing full support for the student.